domingo, 26 de janeiro de 2014

Clean cities, but still some dirty people.

Cigarette butt at the entrance of the parking
Uraniastrasse in Zurich

It's a fact that Switzerland and its cities are in general very clean, and Zurich is not an exception to this rule, I even remember when some friends whom were living in another european country came to visit us and were impressed by the cleanness and how well preserved is Zurich Altstadt.

It's difficult to find places in the country where things are not well organized and clean, you can look the fields around the farmer houses up in the Swiss Alps and all of them perfectly green during summer and white during winter.

Even during the Autumn the leaves that fall are elegantly left in the ground just in order to let clear the season rather than for carelessness. They are all swept to the side in order to do not endanger the people who walk under the trees.

Even with all this care, some people seem to do not feel ashamed to dispose garbage in the streets, gardens, forests, lakes and rivers. I suspect such individuals deserve heavy fines, or some kind of punishment for spoil those immaculate streets and landscapes. Among them there's a group in special, the smokers.

Well, well, the smokers feel themselves as a special clan. Many times with their rights threatened by those who fight against the smoking. It's somehow funny how could they don't realize that their rights many times impose to others to very unpleasant environments. Like when one enter in a pub or restaurant and smokers blows it over small children, or other people that not necessarily are smokes. But they, who are in general very arrogant people, never hesitate to throw smoke in the other, but worse than it that is still carried by air, are the butts left on sidewalks. Yes, in Zurich as in many other places where smoke is allowed you can find them everywhere, their owner, people from different ages and sex, all of them sure is their basic right to let their butts in the street as a sign that we live in a place ruled by the smokers.

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